Company Management

The above module is the reflection of brief about the company profile. It comprises of company background, list of company Taxation details. It is filled with all the required details about the company respective to the required fields used in the system management. It likewise contains organization Mission and Vision Statements alongside solid customer base.



Branch Management

Branch Module can also be termed as Location directory. It will furnish all the contact subtleties alongside the branch areas. It will determine the Head-office and Branch Office. It will Serve the proverb of "We are Located where our Clients need us".


Employee Module is the Information Module from where you can track your worker. It comprises of complete information of your Past, Present and Future Employees. It will likewise be useful in keeping up the correct assignment of the representative alongside the Company's Hierarchy. It will show the rundown in a predefined request (for example Division shrewd). This Module Helps administrator to Manage the Incentive structure, Salary Process.


Source Generator

Source Generator

Source Generation module enables to creation of a strong and huge database of a potential customers. It will be linked to various third party websites such as Google Search Engine. It will keep track of both online & offline Enquiries. It will also help to keep a track of work done by the Marketing Team.

Lead Management

Lead Management specifies the tools which assist the inbound team to keep a track of the client until it gets converted. It includes periodic follow-up, mailing, DSR report, etc. Lead Management helps to maintain the database in a proper and organized way, which in the future reduces the workload. Lead Management consists of the status like Cold Calling, Warm Calling, & Hot calling to clients. It will also maintain the record of pre-inquiry done by the clients as well as the closed clients.

Lead Management



Sales Module is a very important module for any company, as its complete flow depends on it only. Sales Module will assist you with maintaining a Daily Sales Report done by the promoting group. It will also be the system that will generate a Sales Report & DSR report.


Discount Module is separated into two areas, the Discount edge for administrator and Discount edge for Staff/Sales Team. The Specific Amount will be apportioned to every last one of them dependent on which they can utilize it as an advantage in making deals.




It will enable back-end staff or inbound staff to maintain a continuous relationship with the prospect Distributors and Retailers, which in future going to convert into sales. It will be the tracking report of Prospect Distributors and Retailers which are generated by various sources.

Back Office

Back Office Module can likewise name as Inbound Process. This Module will be liable for keeping up inbound deals. It will incorporate Cold Calling, Generating Appointments and meeting with the Marketing Team. It will likewise monitor Staff and its work. Back Office will be capable to make convey after-sales administration.

Back Office

Account Management

Account Management

The Accounts module will be the base for every budgetary movement.It will be responsible to Billing, Payment Management for Distributors and Retailers, Generate Credit Note, Debit Note, salary, periodic Balance Sheets. It will help in generating the all Accounting reports which are required by Accounts team to manage the inflow and outflow of money.

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