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Purchase Module

  • Purchase Module Purchase Module
    Purchase Module

In Purchase a business or organization or individual attempting to acquiring goods or services to accomplish the goals of its enterprise or individual. Though there are several organizations that attempt to set standards in the purchasing process, processes can vary greatly between organizations. Typically the word “purchasing” is not used interchangeably with the word “procurement”, since procurement typically includes Expediting, Supplier Quality, and Traffic and Logistics (T&L) in addition to Purchasing.

In our software, owner can easily purchase new product by using purchase module. Owner simply needs to fill all details of product such as product name, quantity of single product and add product in list. Select Supplier from supplier list or Enter manually name of supplier. Owner can pay full or partial payment either by cash or cheque.

The amount of product purchased is automatically deducted through the owner’s account. Also facility to print what product he purchased from supplier.