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Become a Partner

Join the Infort Technology Partner network and expand your business opportunities with our vast reserve of resources, programs and incentives.

Program Overview

Infort Technology delivers leading software solutions around the globe through a network of approved and registered distributors and resellers. Encouraging and enabling partners worldwide to increase revenue and perpetrate new customer segments requires:
  • Commitment - which is the first step to every relationship.
  • Consistency - that drives relationships.
  • Transparency and Communication - to understand each other's changing expectations and resolve differences.

Infort Technology promises this and much more.

Infort Technology partner network spread across the world collaborates to give customers the best possible solutions. The company takes pride in assuring that customers and partners are connected for mutual benefit. The company provides aggressive profit margins and offers attractive schemes: making it convenient for partners to generate more revenue.

Infort Technology provides intensive training and education to all its partners. The company aims at building proactive partner relationships and disseminates information regularly so as to keep the partners abreast of company goals and development plans.

If you are interested in reselling Infort Technology range of products, providing software services, then Infort Technology Partner Program gives you the expertise to sell, manage, integrate, plan, and provide anti-virus related security solutions for your customers.

Partner Benefits

Gain credibility: Capitalize on the Infort Technology brand, which has been voted as the most preferred channel brand for four consecutive years in the customer and enterprise segments and has a dedicated Research and Development.

At Infort Technology we do everything we can to support your success, starting with innovative products to resources, including sales and marketing materials, training, support, in-depth technical training, customer support and much more.